ABC invests in an X-ray to discover hidden errors faster

Because of the miniaturization and the increasing density of electronics, it is essential that specialized analysis tools are used. That’s why an X-ray is a must in our ABC range!

Why is an X-ray so important to guarantee a smooth repair?

Analysis of printed circuit boards

This device can be used for modern multi-layer PCBs to isolate one layer for analysis. This enables us to deliver an electric diagram more easily.

Some time ago PCBs only had two layers (top and bottom), which made it easy to inspect all traces at first sight. Nowadays there are many PCBs with 32 layers of traces or more!

Inspection of the solder joints

The X-ray is also frequently used to check solder joints between the component on the PCB and the circuit board (BGA). For example modern processors and DSPs, these solder joints are very critical as a BGA component may heat very quickly. Solder cracks may occur when heat stress is applied.

Verification of components

Although some components are difficult to find we always tend to guarantee the authenticity of it. The X-ray allows us to view the internal contents of the parts and enables us to compare this with a reference more easily. That way we prevent inferior counterfeiting in your machine.

The X-ray enables ABC to invest in the future, your future!

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