ABC'er speaking: "Being a repair engineer is my ideal job "

She is 22 years old, has a passion for soldering and has just graduated as an industrial engineer in electronics. We like to introduce you our first female repair engineer:

"When they offered me this job, I thought this is my ideal job! At school I found soldering in the lab a lot more fun than working on the design and programming of new electronics. It is my dad , who introduced me to electronics. He is a radio amateur and that's how I learned to know soldering and other electronics.

I had never heard of a company that repairs industrial electronics. When I met ABC, I knew immediately that repair engineer would be the perfect job for me. A job where I would have to program each day on the computer, would absolutely be nothing for me. During my education, I also attended a number of electives with mechanics, to be sure that I would find a job that I would like to exercise.

Here I am thrilled that I can learn a lot about all kinds of industrial electronics. It is a unique opportunity because as a graduate you don't know everything alreay. Here, I follow an internal training and every day looks different to me. I got to know a lot of new soldering techniques and components. It really is fascinating to follow the laps on a circuit board and to figure out how everything works. Especially the older electronics I find very interesting, we never saw this durig my education.

The atmosphere in the electronics lab is really great at ABC. As a female engineer repair I therefore I immediately felt welcome in the male group, everyone is quick to help me. Now everyone stays together in the new lab, I can quickly learn from all my colleagues. The world of industrial electronics is so extensive and every engineer has his own specialty. It is not only interesting to me that everyone is working together in a lab, the sooner we can pass each other our knowledge, the more efficient we are able to repair. "

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