ABC's service-on-site goes global!

Thanks to our specialized on-site engineers, we are also active in the repair of machines and technical assistance on location. Our people, your team! A report of a very special service-on-site we accomplished this summer.

July 9, 4 pm. At ABC we receive an English phone call. The client needs urgent technical assistance. We still don’t know that the technical assistance was needed in Denmark, offshore.

July 9, 8 pm. Niels and Steven leave for a ten hour drive to Esjberg in Denmark.

July 10, 5 am. After a warm welcome at the REM Gambler, Niels and Steven first get a well-deserved breakfast. A briefing about the technical problems immediately follows. Apparently, there was a fault in a GEM80 rack, which made the further development of the project impossible. Moreover, the ship could not disembark.

July 10, 6 am. Niels and Steven try to find the cause of the problem. During their search they got the support of the entire crew of the ship. No wonder, because they couldn’t wait until the ship set sails !

July 10, 11 am. The machine got repaired in time, everybody present was happy. Time for a snack and a short power nap. Next, the client asked us to build a redundant system with parts from our own stock of obsolete electronic parts.

July 11, 3 am. A few hours later, the spare system was ready to be tested. The entire crew awakes because they will embark in two hours. After the test, Niels and Steven could take a nap.

July 11, 9pm. Homecoming at ABC Industrial Parts in Kruishoutem with a satisfied customer and two employees who had an adventurous story to tell to their colleagues.

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